Mogensen Process Consultants

Why Mogensen Process Consultants?

Founder's aspiration

Johan Mogensen: "Throughout my career I have been involved in bringing new innovations to the market in positions with responsibilities ranging from R&D, process design, plant operations or technology licensing. I understand the criticality of having diligent project gating, a speedy process for the establishment of partnerships and the importance of choosing the right partner. It is my aspiration to make Mogensen Process Consultants the catalyst that efficiently provides the process-technology skills needed to help your company chart the right course for your industrial R&D portfolio and get the most out of your budget fast"

Professional Background:
16 years of management experience, hereof latest:
Haldor Topsøe A/S, VP for RBU Technology Licensing Business
Novozymes A/S, VP for Biorefining & Feed R&D

Experience chronology:
3 years Topsøe, Refinery Technology Licensing
- Hydrogen Technology
- Hydroprocessing Technology for Renewable Diesel and Jet fuels
- Sulphur Recovery Technology

10 years Novozymes, Biorefining and Feed R&D
- Partnerships and Alliances
- Cellulosic Ethanol, Corn Ethanol and Feed/Ag Processes
- Enzymes, Yeast and Process Development

10 years Topsøe, Process Engineering
- Hydrogen and Hydroprocessing Technologies
- Basic Engineering Design, Grassroot and Revamps
- Technical proposals and studies
- Technology Development
3 years Kuwait Petroleum Refining Operations
- Plant Operations
M.Sc. Chemical Engineering from Denmark Technical University and Institut Francais du Petrole
Participation in multiple boards as chairman or board member