Technology Due-Diligence

Be on the safe side and get a second opinion on the technical feasibility of the project and of the technology that you consider funding or investing in.

Service Offerings

  1. Technology maturity and risk assessment. Independent assessment of technology readiness level through review of process design and supporting lab and pilot work
  2. Identification of process uncertainty gaps and what it takes to close these
  3. Review of NPV calculation input on CAPEX, OPEX and assumptions of techno-economical relevance

Why Choose This Service?

Mogensen Process is a company without any strategic interest in developing IP and would typically be acceptable for a third party to conduct a technical due-diligence under confidentiality agreement. Scope of this service can be tailored to the specific need and can range from a sense of judgment approach, with focus on novel elements, to a full analysis following a rigorous methodology.